The vintage clothing scene here in Firenze is very strong.  I have found a few stores I like and have bought a few pieces to accessorize an outfit.  I was very excited when I read there was going to be a big event dedicated to vintage clothes so off we went.

The event was held at Leopolda Station, the first railroad station in Firenze built in1837. The construction went very slow and they had already started building Santa Maria Novella and opened a few months before Leopolda Station. 

Santa Maria Novella was in a more central location and by 1860 they closed Leopolda Station. They used it to repair trains and during  the First World War it was used to make bullets.

Today It is one of the most adaptable spaces in the city, with the large compartment of the former workshop used from time to time for various events, from music to fashion.

It is a very impressive place and fun to see even if the vintage show wasn’t here.

The quality of the show and the exhibitors was excellent. Walking around reminded me of the many trade shows I have been to over the last 35+ years. I enjoyed the way the merchandise was artfully displayed.

I had to laugh when I saw these converse high tops since I just recently bought a new pair of red ones and had wished they were faded like these.

The military things are always a hit and I loved seeing some American pieces.

I had to have a picture of these very strange looking shoes worn by one of the attendees. 

I was a little surprised on how large the exhibition was and it was such a perfect location  

I came at a good time when it wasn’t crowded and people were enjoying some quiet time  

It was time for lunch and I had a feeling this would be far and above anything you would get in the United States.  Food at things like this is always awful and expensive. Not here, just the opposite. I had a glass of wine and a very good panino. Everything was fresh and very appetizing.

No I didn’t buy anything, tempted a couple times but I used restraint. After all the purging of stuff I did before I got here I don’t want to add more stuff.

This belongs on the red carpet since the style now is to show everything you’ve got.

I had just caught this cute couple in a little lip lock.  Sorry I missed the shot.

I was happy that Zoe found a little friend to talk to.  That is what all that sniffing is about. Someone once told me  when dogs stop to smell all the other dogs pee they are checking their emails. Zoe gets more than me.