Vigevano is a town in northern Italy about 40 km. from Milano. It is considered an historic art town, and is renowned for shoe making and is in a rice-growing district.

I went to Milano for a few days over the National Workers holiday to see my dear friends Gabriella and Rino. They decided that a car trip to Vigevano would be a nice excursion to take on a rare day off for Rino. It was a beautiful day and a nice drive.

The main square of Vigevano, Piazza Ducale, is certainly a masterpiece in renaissance architecture. It was commissioned by Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milano in 1492 to impress the court and enhance the riches of his family.It is 138 meters (452 long) and 46 meters (150 feet) wide. The castle surrounds 3 sides of the Piazza.The cathedral is at the far end. 

Now the Piazza is filled with bars and restaurants.  I didn’t get the feeling there were many tourist, it appeared the locals were enjoying their holiday with the family.

The castle is covered with beautiful frescoes.


The original cathedral was built in 1532 and in the 17th century this concave Baroque facade was added to bring the ancient Duomo into line perpendicular to the axis of the Piazza and centered on it.  It is a remarkable thing to behold.



The old castle has this unique raised covered road high enough for horsemen to ride through and leads out of town.

Along the wall where the would tie up the horses.

I am not sure how they used these but it they were weapons.

Out on the other end another part of the town.


It’s a real treat to have this picture of Rino.  I sometimes I get back from these trips with none. We are usually together at dinner at their house and that is just relaxing time.  

A stunning view of the city.

The picture above I took through this screen. I pressed my photo right up against it.  I was very pleased by the results  

Another view of the conclave front of the cathedral.  


That is not a person in that window, It has been painted to resemble the past.  Great idea. Makes the place feel authentic.


One of the reasons for this trip was to meet Olivia, Gabriella and Rinos grandchild born in February. That adorable smile has charmed everyone and she has brought such joy to my dear friends.

Wonderful picture representing three generations. That proud looking man at the top is Augusto the father of a Olivia.This was a very special trip to Milano, I am happy to share it.