Zoe and I took our second trip to Verona and this time decided to stay on the other side of the river. Verona reminds me of a small version of Firenze with the river cutting it in half.  I figured since I like and live in the more quiet, less tourist side of Firenze I would give it a try.


We stayed at B&B Aurelia that I found on the internet. The location was perfect being a short distance to the river to cross to where all the activity is.  A very quiet street and appeared to be where the locals live.  The B&B was on the third floor and you enter to this very large common beautiful area. 

At the end of the room you walk out to a very nice balcony overlooking Verona.

 The view was stunning.  So far so good, you always hope that what you think you see on line is what you get.

Upstairs was an equally large and well equipped breakfast room.  I was surprised to find out that the place only had 2 rooms  with the size of the 2 public rooms you would have thought there would be more rooms for guests.

My room almost resembled a suite. I always forget to take these room pictures first before I unpack and settle in. So all I am showing is my sleeping area. I had a very large bath with a huge tub and shower.

This was a short trip arriving on Sunday early afternoon and departing Tuesday afternoon.  No time to waste, time to walk and discover more of Verona. I was determined to stay out of the hustle of the tourist area and go a little out of the center.  A walk along the river was perfect.

I found a nice little place to have a light lunch of a vegetarian flatbread and glass of prosecco that was just perfect.

After lunch I found the most wonderful home store and was so happy it was open on a Sunday. I wish I could move ITINERARI to Florence.

The store covers many styles, antiques, furniture, table top and gifts.  I was ver impressed with her buying skills.

A great view from the upstairs loft.

As wonderful as the store was the owner was so charming, friendly and helpful.  I asked her for a recommendation for dinner and she spent a lot of time calling a friend to get a name of a place and pointing it out on a map. She was so cute but would not look at the camera. 

I tore myself away to continue our little journey. I love the little back narrow streets.

Like in Firenze I am drawn to the river.

Zoe admiring the view sitting on the ledge that runs across the bridge.

I love the flowers of spring.

I have recently discovered my favorite dish, very good toasted bread, excellent butter and anchovies. It was a no brained for me to order this as my appetizer. They added a thin slice of lemon that made it even better.

 Main course was liver and onions with crispy polenta.  Also excellent. I am sorry to say I forgot to take their business card.

As beautiful as the weather was on Sunday, Monday was not. Dark sky’s threatened us all day, with scattered showers.  I found this beautiful church to escape and dry Zoe a bit.

It was really beautiful and not on the tourist route.

I love the faded paint on these two buildings.

We found this gorgeous lush garden, and the women cutting a bouquet  

Back to our B&B and hoping that dark sky would disappear. I had some plans for this night and rain was not one of them.

Yes I went back to Verona to see my very favorite ZUCCHERO at the arena. The stage is covered but not the rest of the arena.

I tucked Zoe in and proceeded to walk to the event when it did start to rain.  Much to my pleasure they sold these plastic hooded rain gear, so I’m all set for a fun night.  The energy in this place is over whelming. Everyone there is smiling and having a great time.

ZUCCHERO did not disappoint. It drizzled for about an hour than cleared up. I treated myself to 3rd row seats, left all inhibitions outside and sang and danced like I was 15. 


Fun fun fun fun times.