Zoe and I were having a little get away to Genova traveling by train. It is an hour from Firenze to a Pisa where you change trains and two hours from Pisa to Genova.  I had planned to finish a blog on my Bologna trip but discovered there was no WiFi. I have had WiFi before on the train so just assumed I would.  Plan B was to finish a book I am reading for my book club. The book was not holding my interest, and plan C was to enjoy the scenery. There are lots of tunnels on this coastal route that goes through gorgeous Cinque Terra and I had the idea to see if I could grab some good photos. Thank 

I was pretty happy on what I was getting and decided to,share it as a blog post. 

This area is called Liguria and this is where you will find the Fives towns that compose Cinque a Terra.



There are many other little coastal towns that are gorgeous and not as crowded with tourist as the popular Cinque Terra. 

This is Framura Liguria.













I think I might pick one of these coastal towns to return in July when Firenze gets so hot.  I was glad I had to revert to plan c. It’s amazing what you need get from a speeding train and an iPhone.