There is never a lack of things to do in Firenze. I subscribe to The Florentine, a monthly English language magazine that has become my bible. I go through it and mark my calendar with all the things that interest me so I don’t forget.

This particular Sunday I had 3 things t wanted to do and with a little planning it shouldn’t be a problem.

Riccardo Barthel is a luxury furniture showroom.  They sell everything needed to set up a house from floor tiles to kitchen hardware. It is very large and they have a outdoor area where they were putting on a farmers market. For 3 days all over Firenze in various venues there were food related events to celebrate the Tuscan table.  

This is one of the many room setting in the store.

The weather is warming up and the sun is shinning bright, perfect for an outdoor event.

The produce displays were beautiful. 

They also had a mini butcher shop set up.

I have really enjoyed the variety of greens available here and always try to buy something that I don’t recognize.  I have never been disappointed.

These beautiful flowers are a nice reminder spring is right around the corner.  

On my side of the river, in Otrarno it is very much a neighborhood and you forget how many tourist are just a short walk across the bridge.  Sundays are for family and I could not resist this adorable brother and sister who were enjoying something sweet.

One of my favorite things is marble and this table makes me drool. Simple, classic and timeless.

This being the 2nd Sunday of the month I was headed to Piazza Santo Spirito for the vintage flea market. I have been many times but today I had a mission to buy.

The flowers are so gorgeous and I bought some hyacinth bulbs.  I put them all over the house using little aperitif glasses.

No matter where you go in Italy you know there will be good food to eat,

And to buy to take home.

There are many vintage markets in Tuscany and this is considered one of the better ones with quality and a nice variety. 

There are also many artisans displaying their handmade products  Ceramic is a Tuscan tradition.

I have been wanting to change over my cooking utensils to this beautiful olive wood and today I was going to do it.

I am very happy with my selection and I am sure my cooking will improve because of it.

The Battistero di S. Giovanni (Baptistery of St. John) located in Piazza del Duomo is considered one of the most important monuments in Firenze. It was first described in 897 as a minor basilica and in 1128 it was consecrated as the Baptistery of Firenze. Up until the end of the 19th century, all Catholics in Firenze were baptized here. Today, young children can still be baptized here on the first Sunday of the month, but as they only have space Firenze 4, you have to make the request with ample time. 

The choir of St. Mark’s English Church were making history at this historic service. 

This is an amazing place to visit and I was so pleased to be here for the first time the English choir was singing at this service..

It is relatively small for being so important but that makes it special and very intimate.

I was invited by my friend Catherine Bolton who sings in the choir. I was happy I was able to catch this picture of her (the tall blond) walking in.

It was standing room only. The choir sounded like angels from heaven. 

This was a really great Sunday.  I did everything I wanted and ended it with friends with a glass of prosecco.