I love discovering stores and sharing the ones I like.  After being a sales representative for 35 plus years it is still in my blood.  One of the he things I enjoy about living in Firenze is you are always finding something you haven’t seen before. With all the little sides streets and the spermatic opening and closing times your constantly seeing things you had not seen before.  No matter how long you are here.

Both of these stories I am introducing you to are in the Otrarano neighborhood on the quieter side of the river where I live.  This area is where you will find the local artisans. Most have a combination workroom and retail space. I like this idea, it helps to keep your cost down and they can work through those slow retail times and you are insured it is handmade.


The first store is Anomisa.  This charming place is owned by 3 very creative ladies, and everything in the store is made by one of them. 

The pretty lady in this picture is Elena. She makes all the clothes, scarfs, pillows and necklaces. Simona does the painting, leather bags and jewelry. Another Elena makes the crocheted bags. 

They have done a nice job of intermixing the various products in their displays.

A nice wall of original art by Elena.



Nice way of showing these beautiful dresses.


There is a wide range of ladies accessories for every taste.  Price points are excellent and very affordable. 


I did not walk out empty handed.  I bought this adorable hat and skirt.  The hat is perfect for the summer heat and very stylish.  The skirt is now one of my favorite pieces  I pair it with a black t-shirt and my red high tops.  I will be checking back often for more little goodies. 

ANOMISA  Via Romana, 37/r  Firenze, 50125  +39 335 6787658.


The second store is STRIPEYOU. I found this store totally by accident, which is very common here in Firenze.  With so many little streets to explore everyday can present you with a new gem.

Federica is the creator of all these beautiful, wonderful and fun things.  I was captivated by her and the way the store made me feel. 

The colors just make you feel happy to start with. I was also amazed at the choices. You have things to brighten your patio, umbrellas, chairs and place mats.

A wide variety of purses, wallets, totes available in all the fabrics.  And if you don’t find the size or shape you want she will customize it for you.



This is a small space but she is very clever in using it to her advantage. I love using the ceiling to hang thing on.  Otherwise it’s wasted space and you do pay for it.

Buttons, What a fabulous way to brighten up a jacket or a pair of tennis shoes.


As you can imagine I fell in love with the dog collars. She makes them custom and yes Zoe has been measured for her vert own Stripeyou collar. I am also having her make me a couple custom size bags that I have not been able to find the right size.  She also does wholesale .


STRIPEYOU   Via de Coverelle, 17.  Firenze 50125.  +39 334 1085077


i am very excited about both of these stores. If you live in Firenze or coming to visit please stop in and tell you her Sally sent you.