I would like to thank all the people that have checked in on me since I have not posted for a while.  I am just fine and Zoe and I are still enjoying our “nuova vita.”

We have been doing lots of traveling around Italy and I would like to share our adventures with you.

I thought I would start with the beautiful medieval walled village of SPELLO in Umbria. I always struggle with my feature picture wanting it to represent the post. I couldn’t resist putting this picture of Zoe from the bed in our apartment in Spello.

This is such a charming place you feel like your at Disneyland.  Spello is decorated with an abundance of flower pots.  Flowers are on the balconies, in front of the doors, on the walls….everywhere. The town is famous for its flower festival called INFIORATE di Spello organized to celebrate the Corpus Domini feast. Every year on the ninth Sunday after Easter.

Everyone in town takes part and are very proud of their town. It attracts many people so I decided to go when it wasn’t so crowded.




Everywhere you look there is a narrow street calling for you to enter.

The village is surrounded by a wall with an impressive gate, Porta Venere (Venus) flanked by two towers.


This was the far end of Spello overlooking the valley.


Its not a large place but it’s packed with beautiful things to look at. We stayed for three days maybe longer than you need to see everything. You can use it as a base to visit Assisi and Orvieto.



There was no lack of restaurants and besides good food they were really pretty making use of the great stone you see everywhere.  La Cantina was one of my favorites.

Seafood pasta at its best 

I very seldom order desert but could not pass on this. Chocolate and mint  

This place likemodt places I go inItaly are Zoe friendly and she had her own chair.

I recommend visiting Spello and the towns in Umbria. It is really a treat to get off the tourist trail And explore the heart of Italy.