This post is a collection of random pictures I have taken in Florence that don’t fit into any other blog post. The most iconic sights in Florence that you never get tired of taking pictures of are the river Arno and the Duomo.

The reflection that you get of the building in the water and the cloud formations can be spectacular.





You can catch a glimpse of the Duomo almost wherever you look in and around the center of the city.


The next pictures were taken at Caffe Verona on the roof of Museo degli Innocenti in Piazza della Santissima Annunciato.

One of my favorite things about Italy is being able to take Zoe almost everywhere. She always comes to lunch with me and she prefers her own seat opposed to the floor.


Ino is a hidden panini spot around the corner from Piazzale degli Uffizi.

After I took this picture A Crudo the very nice owner came and suggested that Zoe should sit on the cushion.

I’m with my friend Efrat and her two adorable daughters at Todo Modo, the best bookstore/caffe in Florence.


Zoe looks like she really wants that glass of wine.

My go to lunch is the caprese salad, and everyone does it a little different. SerreTorrigiani’s version has both mozzarella and burrata cheese. Hard to believe but this is a half order.  Another thing I love about Florencemany places let you order half portions.

Caffe Verona

I’m sorry to say I don’t remember where these next two were eaten.  I liked the addition of the olives.

I would have liked a little more basil, but the burrata instead of mozzarella always makes me happy.

It’s important to look down, otherwise you would miss this impression of Dante.

Random shrines are very plentiful in all cities of Italy  

As well as looking down you need to look up.

Long long time ago this is where you would come and get your wine.

A few months ago Prince Charles and Camilla came for a visit and I happened to be at the right place at just the right time to capture Camilla coming out of a building.

i love to see a bride and groom walking through the streets. It’s very common in Europe.  Their photographer was a few steps ahead of these couples capturing the moment.


I almost missed this one. A nice place to end my Post. This was fun and I hope you enjoyed it.