Spring has arrived and I am so happy about that.  Since Zoe and I walk almost everywhere having the sun gives us more incentive to go out and discover our neighborhood.  There is a beautiful area not far from us, the hilly area on the way to Piazza Michelangelo. It reminds me a little of Bel Aire in Southern California. 

The sidewalks in this area made me think I was back in Los Angeles.

I found a nice area with some benches to rest and admire the beautiful flora and fauna.

It was lunch time and I found the perfect place, Chalet Fontana. A caffe, restaurant, garden and nursery all in one spot.  I was in heaven.  We had a nice table on the patio with a gorgeous view of the garden.

After lunch Zoe and I took a walk to explore this large property. It is the kind of place you can spend the entire afternoon. 

At the top of the hill is a green house with a very nice assortment of flowers that they sell.

Zoe loved running around and this is a place we can come back to and just enjoy the grounds.  Have a coffee and buy some plants.

They also grow the vegetables that we had for lunch.  

If I had a car I would have filled it with these flowers  Next time I will bring my shopping cart so I can take some home.

This is the caffe for coffee, vino and a small bite.

After a wonderful couple hours it was time to move on. We took a residential street that runs across the hill and ends at Piazza Michelangelo.

Every where you go in Firenze you see these lovely shines.  I am also crazy about this pink.

The houses or piazzas on this street are spectacular and I would love to go inside one of them.  

This is a little church, an unexpected surprise?  I will have to come back on a Sunday and see the inside.

I can’t get enough of wisteria and it is very plentiful everywhere.

I decided to turn back at this point and save the rest of this road for the next time and this grotto was a good place to stop.