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Verona/The Arena

The Verona Arena (picture above) was built in the first century.  It is still in use today and is...

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A few weeks ago Zoe and I took the train to Verona.  I have never been there and have heard so...

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Lunch has become my favorite meal of the day.  Zoe and I have breakfast and usually dinner at...

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Test Post

I have been having issues with my subscription service not sending out my posts. This has been...

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About Me

We moved to Firenze in 2016 to begin our “nuova vita/new life” and I don’t regret it for a second. We have new experiences and challenges everyday which is what I was hoping for. I have met many people, formed some very good relationships and friendships. My social life is very active and there is never a lack of something to do. Zoe is a perfect diplomat and attracts people to us.

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