Eleven years ago today (30/11/2005) John and I got married.  We were married by the mayor in Lemna, Italy.  A small town in the hills above Lake Como.


Our good friends Rino and Gabriel who live in Milano stood up for us and helped us arrange for this very special day with the help of the mayors assistant, Monica Meroni.



It was a gorgeous day. It had snowed the day before and it was cold but sunny. This is the view from the steps of the City Hall.


Last year in the spring I traveled to Italy for a month and one of the high lights was going back to Lemna.

It was my hopes to see Monica again and spend time in this place that meant so much to us.


I was so excited when I walked in and she was still running the office.  She remembered us for 2 reasons. All the paperwork and we were the first couple the Mayor had married since Italians get married in the church.  We cried, laughed and became friends.


This brings me to my logo. When I decided to do a blog when I moved to Firenze I posted on fb for someone to help with the graphics for my logo.  I had the name but that was about it,  Monica responded and said her and her husband would like to give it a try.  

They gave me exactly what I wanted even though I didn’t know what that was until I saw it ,

With our past connection it made it even more special  

Grazie Monica and Oscar.