To say I was excited to see Firenze during the holidays is an understatement.  I have gathering pictures since December 8 when holiday decorating starts. Thank goodness later than in the United States, it becomes more of an event.

All the different neighborhoods put up lights, some more dramatic than others.  In my near neighborhood of Porto Romamo they decided on the balllon motif.

With many of the locals and myself included it was a little confusing. People wondered what balloons had to do with Christmas and thought they looked like “sperm”. So Via Romana was renamed Fertility Lane.

Across the river and in the city center the lights were more elaborate, and I was told it was because they had more money and the area gets more tourist. 

Lights were all over the buildings as well.

Two neighborhoods on the “poorer side of the river I thought did a nice display.

At the entrance to Piazza Della Calza, where we caught the bus to go home if we don’t feel like the 10 minute walk.

Now that is a little colder than we’re use to it is a nice relief. There is a large wall that they are doing a wonderful light show.

There can be no Holiday decorating without the ubiquitous Christmas tree. Again from the dramatic to simple.

Sorry I did not get a picture of this one after it was decorated.

Yes people do bring them home as well.

This post would be way to long if I add d all the wonder window displays so here are a few of my favorites.

I must include little display.  No tree but poinsettias are a close second.

I am just a half block from a beautiful contemporary church, which is kind of unusual here and they were having a Christmas concert the week before Christmas.  I thought I need to go.It was fantastic and even better than I had hoped. They do a very beautiful and elaborate nativity scene as well.

But he best part was I went with my friends and they invited here friends. What a wonderful evening.i was invited for a Christmas brunch by my new friend Meagan and her cousin Julie both from Canada and Meagans Italian fiancé. It was another special day.

I end this with Zoe modeling her new hand knit Christmas sweater.