After my wonderful time in the Gardens of Gusti I toured the Palace.  The palace is a 16th century Mannerist structure.  

“Mannerism is an artistic movement that began in Italy and spread throughout Europe in the 16th Century. It had a major impact on painting, and influenced sculpture and architecture as well. The movement emerged during the height of the Renaissance, when the Roman Catholic Church was under fire, long wars were the norm, and Protestantism was spreading throughout Europe.

The term Mannerism was used to describe art that did not conform to nature – a break from the style of the early Renaissance. The new approach sought to reflect the manners, or style, of the grand masters. Practitioners exaggerated features employed by Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci, cramming their own works with numerous subjects. These new artists favored vivid color combinations over realism.”

Two flights of stairs to reach the living quarters of the Palace.

I am sorry to say I have not been able to find out much about the Palace. All the information available is about the gardens.  So hopefully these pictures will be sufficient.  Some of the rooms were void of furniture or just a couple pieces and some art work.


You always need to look up, sometimes that’s the best part.



Lots going on in this room  very impressive.




I was ready to invite myself for lunch.

This is a hugh room. I imagined it was the ballroom.

There are many windows on the back side of the Palace to admire the gardens  


Between the gardens and Palace there was what looked to me as a retail store.  I couldn’t wait to get down there and explore.  

What a treat to find this very unique avant-garde clothing store, La Maison du Couturier.


The space is a wonderful backdrop for the clothes.  

Lamberto Petri is the creative force behind this jewel of a fine.  Plus he is a really nice guy and a lot of fun.  We hit it off immediately and I wish this store was in a Firenze so we could be friends.

His designs are on the cutting edge,using the best fabrics to bring them to life.

I love this dress, I regret I didn’t try it on.


He also showcases some “vintage pieces” by Dolce & Gabbana.  This one caught my eye and it is now in my closet.

Nice way to display accessories.

We should all write this on our mirror.  If you don’t love ourself how can we expect someone else to.

Now it was time to cross the bridge and have lunch, and I found a place with a view.

This was probably my favorite visit to Verona. Third time is charm as they say.  I loved the garden and can’t wait to come back to see Lamberto and his creations. I finished off the day with the reason I came back to Verona for the 3rd time in a year and that was to see Zucchero 

This was a fantastic concert just like the others but I was really excited by my 3rd roll center seats.

This picture is not zoomed in, such fun!