On the far side of the gardens you will find a 16th-Century palazzo that has been turned into a spectacular B & B.

Ad*Astra is a unique guesthouse that occupies the main first floor of the Marchese Torrigiani family villa. It has seven rooms and they have kept the aristocratic history-frescoes ceilings, carved double doors but styled in a contemporary manner

It’s always a treat when you find a place in Florence with an elevator and a beautiful one as this.

If you climb the stairs you get a look at the fine portrait of a distinguished family member.

The furnishings combine original Italian design pieces from the 50’s to 70’s with pieces acquired from distant travels.

The highlight of this place is the enormous terrace (270 square meters) overlooking the garden. I can’t think of a better place to relax and remove yourself from the crowds of tourist on the other side of the river. 

I was very pleased that Vieri included this on one of my tours.My friend Catherine Bolton, a long time resident of Florence  had never been here. As you can see we were having a great time.

I also had a long time client from California, Eric Cortina who is the buyer for Roger’s Gardens. One of the Two best garden centers in Southern California . The other is Rolling Greens and I had the pleasure of showing them this place as well.   

This is the view from the terrace.

When you tour the garden you sometimes have the option to join Vieri in his house for a cup of tea or persecco. A couple times I have had that pleasure when he has the time and it is such a nice way to end the experience.The entrance hall is grand but in a subtle way.

It’s always important to look up.  I would have hated to miss this gorgeous tiled ceiling.

The sitting room looking out to the garden is open and comfortable. 

I love the tapestry rug on the wall. Besides being a beautiful piece of art it adds warmth to the room.

The family crest.

If you live in Florence or come for a visit I think this place should be at the top of your to do list. Maybe it will become your favorite place as well.