Keeping with my plans to do some 3-4 day trips as often as I can while the weather is nice. My next stop was Genova, the capital of the Italian region of Liguria and the sixth largest city of Italy. I have been wanting to explore this western coast. As you go south it is referred to as the “Italian Riviera”. The cities in this area are Cinque Terre, Portofina, Camogli, Santa Margherita Ligure and many other beautiful places for future visits.

My favorite thing to do when visiting a new place is just walk with no particular destination in mind. My hotel, Hotel Metropoli, was in a perfect location for exploring the city. On my left was Via Garibaldi in the historical center of Genova known for its ancient palaces.

Fabulous architecture in all directions.

It’s important to always look up. The ceilings sometimes 


All over Genova they had these umbrella installations.  It added a magical touch to the city.  I have not been able to discover any details about when they went up or why.  


Even down some of the small Streets you would find the umbrellas.


I found a great caffe to have breakfast and sit outside. Always a welcome experience.

The owner of this place was so sweet. He liked Zoe and  when he brought out my  espresso he brought a plate of ham for Zoe.  

One moment you are  looking at a beautiful fountain 

Than you turn down a little street and get into the grit of the city. It’s what I liked about the city the most. 




Caffè degli Specchi became my go to bar every afternoon about 6:30. The history of this place goes back to 1908.

This is the original ceiling  

They also had a nice assortment of snakes for aperto.

i was excited to try this place for dinner., Antca Osteria di Vico Palla. It is a historic restaurant that has its origin since 1500 when sailors and poets passed through the streets of Genova to eat traditional fish dishes.

A reservation is a most.  They were very nice,he gave me a table for 4 and I said I’d be happy to share after I saw him turn away a few people  He said no it’s your table.

As usual my girl has her own chair. She is way beyond sitting on the floor.

Wanting to always taste as much as I can, I ask if they would do Half portions. He told me he could do it with some dishes but not all,  I had him show me what he could and I got this wonderful seafood pasta.  Very nice experience.

I decided this would be a good city to do one of those off and on bus tours.  It’s a big city so I wanted to get an overview. I stayed on the entire route and made note of where I should go back.  The ticket is good for 48 hours and only 15€.



I was able to see things I couldn’t on my own walking.



Genova is where pesto originated. I was told that Ristorante Il Genovese was one of the best places to try it. This place goes back to 1912. They prepare dishes of the Ligurian regional cuisine prepared following ancient popular recipes.

The food was excellent but not the great service I had the night before. He placated me and said he would give me half portions but didn’t. Never came to check on me once.  I’m not recommending this place and am sure there are many that have great pesto dishes.


I have no idea what the significance of these Blue birds were but I sure did love them.


My last night I wanted to do something other than Italian and something that’s not plentiful in Firenze. But that’s most ethnic restaurants.  Sushi was calling my name and I found a gem of a place. Broadside Sushi has a very contemporary decor and it is upstairs of a Japanese clothing store. 

 The soy sauce was in a test tube type of bottle with a squeeze dropper.  

I wanted to try the sushi, sashimi and the tempura but not large orders of each  I had the best waiter ever and he was very receptive to small portions of everything. I finally said “surprise me”. He did a wonderful job and I would go back to Genova just for this place.  

I would go back for many reasons  I loved this city, with all its hills, funky alleyways.I was heartbroken when the bridge collapsed and was so glad I had been there before because I might have put it off for a while.