We have a love hate relationship with time change.  I love it in the fall and getting an extra hour but hate to give back that hour in the spring. The upside though is more day light when the weather starts to get nice.  Here in Italy we change two weeks later than America and it happened this week end. Sunday was the most gorgeous spring day and at 18:00 (6:00 pm) it was still warming and daylight. It was time for a nice walk.  Not a walk to get somewhere, a walk to explore. 

These pictures are on a side street within a block from where I live.

Wisteria makes me very happy and this is a the first thing I saw as i turned the corner. What could be better than purple flowers on a brick house with a red door and green mailbox.

From that side street I turned and went up a private street and magic happened.

My neighborhood is on a hill and all the houses on this private street have this incredible view.

Many of these pictures I took through fences or greenery . I felt like a peeking Tom  

The Duomo is a gigantic presence in Firenze and you can never get enough of it. Haveing it as part of your view is to me a dream.

This is on the other side of the street, no view but beautiful.

To some this might look like just a brick wall, but to me it is almost an art piece.  


I am not a 100% sure but I think this is a magnolia tree.  

This is a very large property and they are getting ready to plant there spring garden.  I will have to keep track of their harvest.

Zoe and I were happy to meet one of our neighbors  

I think they are trying to decide if we are friend or foe. Don’t miss the little black one sitting on top of the cement column.

I have to admit these are my favorite type of neighbors.

I really managed to cope with the cold weather but I am so happy spring and summer are in my near future so I can do many neighborhood discoveries