Within blocks of where I live is this beautiful cemetery. I have seen it numerous times on the bus always reminding myself to go back and take a look around.  Finally I did just that thanks to a cultural event hosted by AILO.

We were scheduled to go a month ago but it was canceled because of the cold rainy weather.  I think the temperature was around 30 degrees fahrenheit.  What a difference a month makes, this day it was 80.  I have noticed here in Firenze that you do not ease into a season it pounces on you.  

This cemetery opened in 1860 when the non-Catholic communities could no longer bury their dead in the English Cemetery in Piazza Donatello. It is named after the Allori farm where it was located.

Back in 1860 this was considered out in the country. Born as a Protestant cemetery, it hosts people from all Christian denominations, religions including Jews, Muslims and non-believers.

I will take you for a little stroll among these gorgeous shrines. I’m sorry I can’t tell who is buried in each one. Among the many notables that rest here are Harold Acton, British Writer. Thomas Ball, American Sculptor

Arnold Ball, Swiss painter. Oriana Fallaci, Italian writer. John Pope-Hennessy, BRITISH art historian.

This tomb is for Charles Loeser, art historian. As you walk around you see that so many people are in the arts.  Firenze has always attracted creative people from all of the arts. That is one of the things that drew me here. 


This is one of my favorites.


Also Eggert Stefansson, Icelandic writer and singer. Truman Seymore, American Civil War General and watercolor artist. Thedoriico Pietrocola Rossetti,Italian poet. Alice Keppel, BRITISH mistress of Edward VII. 

It was a fun morning for Zoe. In fact I plan on going back and spend some quite time. It’s less than a 10 minute walk, there are many benches and shade tress and no tourist.


Going to a cemetery in Europe is like going to a museum to see incredible works of art.i was so delighted to see the blooms on my favorite tree, the tulip magnolia. It makes you forget the cold rainy winter.

This angelI feel is looking after all the souls that are resting here.i love her pose and you cam almost feel her strength.