I was told that I should take a day trip to San Fruttuoso a nice boat ride from Camogli. It was fun to see this place from a different direction  

It was a gorgeous day for an adventure.

San Fruttuoso despite the influx of tourists in the summer it has a get-away-from-it-feel. There are no cars or boutiques and only a handful of houses. Accessible only by boat. It is neither port nor resort.

With a small coved beach it is the site of a major landmark, Abby di San Fruttuoso. A medieval -era complex with impressive Romanesque architecture.


The Christ of the Abyss is an above-life size bronze statue a little way offshore and over fifty feet . under the sea. This is a replica of that statue.

The only place to buy souvenirs is under this umbrella. Kind of refreshing.

The little beach is just big enough to use as a”holiday” beach and there’s scuba diving along the coast here.



The other main attraction is an ancient Benedictine monastery. It is a lovely stone building witha small dome, which straddles the beach.

This is the sixteen century watch tower.

We did not come to sunbathe rather to have lunch And this was a perfect location for that and also see the beautiful beach below.

What could be more perfect than a bowl of delectable mussels.

I think this picture really captures the beauty and uniqueness of this place.

A stunning view of Camogli. I’m so glad we got to see it from the water, it gives a whole otherappreciation of the Ligurian coast.