One of the reasons I choose Florence to live is the large artisan community that is here. Finding wonderful products for my customers for 38 years was my passion and it is still in my blood. I have the idea that I might be able to do some of that here. 

While having lunch at my favorite panini place Semel, I started talking to two nice gentlemen and was invited to a party showcasing one of their works. He said he made leather boxes and that sounded interesting so I went, not knowing what a treat this was going to be.

Paolo Carandini lives and works in Florence. He has been designing and creating exquisite objects using naturally dyed calf leather and parchment since 1991. His pursuit of witty ideas coupled with his flawless craftsmanship, guarantee that each box is original and unique.

His studio/workroom was filled with happy people. A space that was very comfortable and at the same time sophisticated.

Using very fine calf leather he creates beautiful color combinations.

Parchment is an untanned translucent and extremely resistant animal leather. Being translucent it enables the image on the lid and interior of the box to show through.

Paolo does a selection of mini boxes using works of art as the medium.

I mentioned at the beginning of his pursuit of witty ideas and here it is represented in his condom boxes. I love these, what a great gift for someone special in your life or someone you hope to be.

There is something for every taste.

He calls these Boxes of Wonder. In Italian it is Le Scatole delle Meraviglie. They are all one of a kind and specific themed boxes can be custom ordered.

This jewelry box is stunning.

This one for the bug fancier.


This is one is titled “My Posions”

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HYde

I have met an incredible artisan and a really nice person and his adorable “friend” Efrat Blum who lives in New York.  The best part of this story is they are now my friends.

You can follow Paolo Carandini on fb and Instagram and see more of these incredible boxes.

His website